Welcome to the Green Dream!

The buildings Green Dream are situated on the southern slope of Koziniec, at the border of the nature reserve Biała Woda. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Small Pieniny. From the windows and terraces of our houses, you can admire the magic of this wonderful idyllic landscape that dominates in that part of Jaworki. Each season is exceptional here. In summer the view of the sheep grazing in the pastures, running horses and walking hinds (often between the houses) is an integral part of our landscape. 

In autumn you can hear and see deer that gather here each year during the rut. The whole area is full of colorful plants that change tones almost every day - colors, which are so beautiful and intensive that, as Wietek Kołodziejski, the founder of the Owczarnia Muzyczna said, each attempt to copy those compositions and to paint them would be inevitably kitschy. In winter – even though white, black and grey are typical colors of Jaworki – on sunny days the sun reflections in the snow, the white caps and branches of spruces covered in snow contrasting with the deep blue sky create the fabulous sceneries. Spring is a wonderful idyll. Already in March, the sun heats quite strong, the mountains are full of small streams that gently accompany the noises of the awakening nature.

A virtual walk around the house

Jaworki is a perfect location for people who look for peace and contact with nature. It is also a fantastic place for people who love hiking, riding a bike or horse. In winter you can participate in the horse sleigh ride and the lovers of sport in the open air can try the downhill routes of the skiing arena Jaworki Homole. In a few of the nearest shepherd’s huts you can have a chat with real shepherds, but also try their ecological sheep’s products – oscypek, bundz or sheep’s milk whey.

The standard of the Green Dream buildings is to ensure the maximal comfort, intimacy and peace and it is a complementing element that helps creating an optimal climate for full relaxation in the surrounding of the charming nature. We wish all our visitors soothe the soul and body as well as fulfill the “green dream” right here, in Biała Woda.