Taking care of your safety, we ask you to read the rules applying during the stay in the Green Dream.

The regulation lays down the rules of providing services and responsibility connected to staying in the territory of the buildings. It is an integral part of the agreement that is concluded at the moment of signing the registration card and booking and paying the advance or the full value of the stay. By doing so the renter confirms that he/she has read the regulation and accepts its conditions.

1. The stay in Green Dreams is counted in hotel nights.

2. The hotel nights last from 4 p.m. to 11 a.m. the next day.

3. The request of prolonging the stay should be reported to the staff.

4. The guardians are responsible for children staying in the facility. We ask for caution on the viewing terraces, in sauna, while using the fireplace and near the swimming pool. The swimming pool is 1,50 m deep and is not suitable to be used by children who are not supervised by adults.

5. All the damages inside the buildings that occurred during the stay should be immediately reported to the staff.

6. The renter is obliged to pay for the damage of the building and equipment on the territory of the Green Dream which were caused by inadequate usage.

7. Smoking inside the building is forbidden. People who breach this rule will be charged with 200 PLN.

8. Due to fire safety, using private heaters and other private electric appliances is forbidden. The prohibition does not concern chargers, power supplies, and computers.

9. The renter is obliged to behave in a good manner and leave the facility in the state that he/she found it after receiving the keys. The responsibilities include also leaving clean dishes and kitchen equipment before leaving the building.

10. The renter must secure the building each time before leaving it – by closing the windows and locking the front door.

11. In the case of losing keys the renter is obliged to pay for the purchase and change of the lock.

12. In the case of resigning from staying during the stay, the renter has to pay for the full reserved period.

13. The personal belongings left on the territory of Green Dream will be sent to the address indicated by him/her at his/her expense.

14. The Green Dream is not responsible for damage and losing renter’s private equipment (bikes, skis, etc.) as well as cars or objects left inside.

15. We kindly ask to look after pets. In the neighbourhood live wild animals – e.g. deer, roe deer and foxes. Please be reminded that the owners of the pets are responsible for the damage caused by them.

Enjoy your stay!